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USA educational fair on 24th May 2014

USA educational fair on 24th May 2014
Get atleast 3 set of documents on that day
Fair applicable for all Intakes(fall-14,spring14,fall-15.......fall-18)

Universities participating:

1) University of south florida-Pathway program
2) George Mason university-Pathway program
3) Colorado state university-Pathway program
4) Marshall state university-Pathway program
5) Oregon state university-Pathway program
6) University of Massachusts,Lowell
7) University of Massachusts,Boston
8) University of Massachusts,Darthmouth
9) University of Central Florida.
10) Kansas state University
12) SUNNY-Newpaltz
13) SUNNY-Oswega

Dont miss it

CANAM, 3rd floor, Above Coffee day,Raj bhavan road, Somajiguda,Hyderabad


Contact number: 8099909091


Any queries mail us at

Set of documents:

1)10th marks sheet xerox
2)12th marks sheet xerox
3)passport xerox
4)Gre score card xerox
5)IELTS score card xerox
6)original transcripts
7)bank statement original
8)supporting affidavit original
9)experience certificate(optional)
10)statement of purpose
12)original Letter of Recommendations(any 3 professors of college)

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