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Summer Internship 2014, Harvard Lab for Developmental Studies

Harvard Lab for Developmental Studies hosts an annual summer internship, supervised by Dr. Susan Carey and Dr. Jesse Snedeker. Interns gain in-depth research experience.

Who can apply: Undergraduates, or students within 1 year of their graduation, who have: interest in research of language and/or cognitive development, basic computer skills, experience with research methods (especially in psychology or linguistics), confidence in interacting with families (especially in a professional setting), and excellent problem-solving and teamwork skills.

The interns are paired with a graduate-level researcher, based on the intern’s interests, and work on the mentor’s research project(s). Interns gain an in-depth experience in designing, conducting, and/or analyzing a study. Interns: schedule participants, collect data from children and/or adults, transcribe/code data, conduct literature searches, prepare study stimuli, etc. Interns also participate in: Reading Group – Interns discuss 1-2 journal articles, while 1-2 mentors moderate, Lab Meetings – Interns see presentations and participate in discussions, and Presentations – Interns give a “show-and-tell” talk at week 2, and a poster at week 10.

Location: Harvard University, Cambridge (United States)

Duration: The internship is June 9 to August 15, 2014. They won't accept interns who would start late or leave early.

Stipend: $1500 funding is available for all interns, but interns pay for their own housing.

For more details, visit

The last date to apply is January 1, 2014.

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