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Which is Better: MS as a Fresher or With Job Experience?

Im an engineering (CS) 4th year student. My plan has always been to go for master after completion of engineering as i wasn’t sure if id get placed or not as my btech aggregate is a low (68%).
I gave my gre and i have scored 1340 (740+600+3.5) and expecting a toefl score of 100+.
Here is an interesting story for you guys. I had Toefl on the same day as Placements. So i thought of skipping placements and writing toefl ( as there are no dates any time soon to postpone it).
But it so happened that i got a call from Ets saying my test center is being renovated ( The main PROMETRIC center in hyderabad). So they gave me an option to reschedule it free of cost.
This kinda freaked me out. I dint know what to do as there no dates anytime soon. Neways due to postponement of my toefl i could attend placements and i got placed in Mphasis, a HP company.
I was really really excited and happy. It was like god planned all this , postponing my toefl so that i could attend the placements and get selected.
And the best part was i luckily got a toefl slot the very next week in chennai! (probably due to some cancellation). I had a problem with the headset in the middle of the exam and i couldn’t do it as well as i thought i could :( . anyways still expecting a score of 100.
Well the thing is Now that i have job in hand, i dont want to let go for a waste. So im planning to work for an year and go for masters next year ie fall 2013.
Am i doing the right thing? Does experience help in anyway? Or is it better to go for masters directly after completion of btech?
Im a regular reader of happyschools and im even a member of forums. Im subscribed to HSB even in facebook and i did comment a few times. So i hope i get back a reply.
Thank you

Study Abroad but When?

I’m inclined to say Yes to both the options.
Answer to the question completely depends on your personal, professional  and career goals.
Ask the following questions to decide an answer
  • What drives to you go Masters?
    • Large Pay Check
    • Entry to USA
    • Plans to settle down in USA?
  • Would you have interest after 1 or 2 years to apply for Masters?
  • Would you be willing to return to India after MS?
  • How would you feel about returning to India without finding a job in US after MS?
  • Would you be willing to work in different country after degree from USA?
  • Are you considering other countries for higher education?
Ask tough questions and answer them in all honesty.
You will be expecting Yes or No reply for your question. But, I’m not the kind of person who is going to decide your future just based on facts you presented about you.
I’m asking you to think and ask questions about your future.
It’s not an easy choice, but only by making tough decisions you get stronger and learn new things in life.

US Economy vs Graduate School

Finding job in this US economy is not an easy task, but not an impossible one.
Thats the reason I added the question – Are you willing to work in another country after degree from US.
You can start your job search process in Canada while attending school in USA.
You can even apply for internship in Canada if you are finding it tough to get internship in USA.
It all comes down to effort and options you have at your disposal.
For a middle class family to spend 25 lakhs to send a student USA is not an easy task. Parents and students expect to a find and recover the investment.
So, think about the options and questions I have given to you

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